Establishment of successful professionals!

Lviv High Vocational School of

Restaurant Service and Tourism

Lviv High Vocational School of Restaurant Service and Tourism is the establishment of vocational education with attestation level III, which provides training of working personnel for services.

Among the graduates are the managers of enterprises, restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, hotels and travel agencies.

The History of Lviv High Vocational School of Restaurant Service and Tourism is the pride of everyone who works there and studies, a tribute of deep respect for all those who enriched its glory and honor, created a tradition and laying the foundation for the future.

It was not easy to convince the group not live in the present or reset the baggage of the past and work for the future, for tomorrow, get rid of stereotypes, excessive conservatism.

Through the efforts of the administration, teachers and pupils school has increased, it became a prestigious institution with modern production basis and equipment.

Most classrooms and laboratories are equipped with computers, multimedia technologies, which are joined through the server into the local school network with Internet accesses. Owing to these technologies the teachers and pupils at school have to implement the educational process with the newest information technologies, to keep up with reality.

Modern industry requires highly skilled and highly qualified professionals able to adapt to rapid social and economic changes. The only way to give people knowledge, develop skills, and abilities necessary for the active employment is to provide access to quality vocational education throughout life.

The system of education of Lviv High Vocational School of Restaurant Service and Tourism provides training the specialists who possess highly professional skills and abilities that are based on current knowledge of a specific industry, high levels of teacher competence, based on the latest achievements of psychological and educational sciences, critical thinking, the ability to apply scientific achievements in practice, the ability to impose the values of a democratic state of law at school all the conditions for learning, work and leisure pupils. Particular attention is paid to promote healthy lifestyles and sports training pupils. Pupils can develop their abilities, tastes in art circles. Industrial practice of school is done at resorts, in pensions, hotels and health camps of the Black Sea and Azov Sea coasts, in bars, restaurants, shops and firms of the city Lviv.

The pupils of the school are winners of international, national and regional competitions of professional skills. The School is a member of the Cook Association of Ukraine, the Association of training firms "Central", an annual contest participant Nationwide Waiters Competition, Culinary Championship in the exhibition "Restaurant. Expo. Ukraine”, the International competition for juniors "Best Chef" and international trade fairs of educational and training companies.

Democratization of society and the liberalization of borders have made it possible to intensify greatly the international activity of the School. We want to integrate into the global system of education and economic relations. This is necessary, first of all, to master the world experience, the introduction of scientific and technological process development of the international arena. The school today has many links with educational institutions in France, Poland and Germany. That is the exchange of pupils, teachers, probation, and participation in international projects.

It becomes more interesting to live and work, though more difficult. Road will overcome the one who inspires work. And the higher the peak, the broader horizons. And we believe that the chosen way to the future is correct.

European education - European service is the slogan of the school staff whose diploma has become prestigious at the labor market.